Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kichise Michiko expecting her first child

Actress Kichise Michiko (38) is expecting her first child. She married a businessman 10 years her senior in December 2010. Her agency, FLaMme, announced the news on its website on 21st February. Currently in the 4th month of pregnancy, Kichise also posted about it in her blog, expressing her happiness on the news of the long-awaited baby in their third year of marriage. Depending on her physical condition, she intends to return to work after her expected delivery in August.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Horikita Maki Staff Diary
The snow…(´Д` )

19th February 2013
Snow was fluttering like soft hail in Tokyo today.
It's cold, isn't it〜
About today (the message in the photo), more details will be revealed when the time comes.
Look forward to it ♪

The message:-
Today, I tried out something I have not done in 6 and a half years! As to what it is, you'll know in about 3 weeks ♪
Horikita Maki

... And the first thing that popped into my head was this (○≧∇≦○)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kaname Jun is getting married

Actor Kaname Jun (31) will soon be a married man. His agency notified the media by fax on 19th February that the couple are in the midst of preparing for marriage and an announcement will be made closer to the wedding date. There was no mention of his partner in the fax but Nikkan Sports identifies her as Matsufuji Atsuko and according to Sponichi, they are of the same age and she is a former talento who now works in the beauty industry.

On 2nd May, he announced that he had registered his marriage on 28th April 2013.

His wife posted a photo of herself in a wedding dress in her blog.

This blog post by Mari Kagaya, a fashion consultant, confirms that she is the one Kaname Jun married.

'This is Matsufuji-chan, who just got married to Kaname Jun-san the other day. I'm so happy to see Acchan after such a long time.'