Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nakama Yukie marries actor Tanaka Tetsushi

Actress Nakama Yukie (34) and actor Tanaka Tetsushi (48) are married. They registered their marriage on September 18. The couple first co-starred together in 2003 Fuji TV drama 'Kao' but grew closer after meeting again in 2007 TBS drama 'Joshi Deka!'. Nikkan Sports first reported of their romance back in 2009. She plans to continue work as usual.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sato Takeru to star in film adaptation of novel 'Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara'

For me to live,
something has to disappear.
If suddenly today,
Chocolate disappeared
The phone disappeared
Movies disappeared
The watch disappeared
The cat disappeared
I disappeared.

How will the world change, what will people gain, what will people lose. A 30-yr-old postman. With just a little time left. A cheerful devil gives me one more day of life in exchange for the things around me. And so begins 7 mysterious days of me, my cat and a cheerful devil. 

When you erase something, you see its worth.
When you lose something, you realise its importance.
A deeply moving, philosophy of life entertainment.

'Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara' is a serialised novel written by Toho producer Kawamura Genki and distributed in LINE in 2012. The protagonist, a postman (30), plagued by a constant headache, visits a doctor and is told that he has a brain tumour and has not long to live. A devil appears before him and strikes up a bargain. His life will be extended in exchange for something in his life. In the film adaptation, Sato Takeru (25) will play the double role of both the protagonist and the devil. Miyazaki Aoi (28) will play his first love. As the phone disappears; so does the memory of his girlfriend, with the movie; his friend, the watch; his father... In this fantasy human drama, a man struggles with the conflict of erasing his own existence, or his love, friends and family.

Filming will begin in October in Hokkaido and as in the original work, in Argentina as well. The movie is scheduled to open in 2015.

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Update Sep 12 2015:
First visual and opening day pushed forward to 2016.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mizushima Hiro's latest CM was shot in Singapore

In the new commercial for Asics A77 Series, a drone films Mizushima Hiro running around the Marina Bay area. It started airing on 8th September.

30-sec CM
60-second CM

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Did Oguri Shun cheat on a heavily pregnant Yamada Yu?

It was about 10 o'clock at night, a few hours after appearing on stage to promote the 'Lupin the Third' movie. In front of a bistro, Oguri Shun, appearing a little drowsy, was surrounded by about 10 women as he bowed his head, looking like he was saying his thanks. Leaving the ladies behind, he joined Kasahara Hideyuki (31), an actor from the same agency as him, and they took a taxi together. The taxi headed towards the city center and stopped at a high-end hotel. After withdrawing some money from an ATM at a konbini in the hotel, Oguri stood at the corner of the lobby, his cap low over his eyes.

After Kasahara finished checking-in, the two of them headed straight to the elevator. 30 minutes later, two women stepped out from a white sedan, entered the hotel, stepped into the elevator and stopped on the same floor as Oguri and Kasahara did.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blind Items from 'Akko ni Omakase!'

Blind items, or as they call it 'initials talk', on TBS program 'Akko ni Omakase!' which aired on 31st August. The items came from people who have worked for years in the entertainment industry and gossip magazine journalists.

Romance. Young singer and actor M and young actress I.M with strong acting ability.

They grew close quickly after acting as lovers in a drama about 10 years ago. In the drama, they started out on very bad terms but are gradually drawn together. In real life though, they hit it off as soon as they met. Their romance, built up from secret dates, has gone on for about 10 years. After all this time together, there is a possibility that the relationship and marriage will be announced at the same time. If you hear their names, you will be surprised at this big couple.

Romance. Multi-talented R.F and singer/actress with strong acting ability S.K.

They met when they co-starred in a movie. S likes creative types with individual style and is charmed completely by the much older R. Actually they have been spotted hugging and kissing at Azabujuban.