Thursday, December 13, 2012

A short Q&A with Narimiya Hiroki

A short Q&A with Narimiya Hiroki with questions from a reader in Kumamoto.

Q. What do you do on your off days?
A. I often went out in the past but contrary to what I expected, I didn't have many good encounters so the time I spent at home has increased. I like black tea and I drink that. I buy it from specialist stores.

Q. What does the drama 'Aibou' mean to you?
A. A new step. It was my good fortune that it became a work I chanced upon as I turned 30. If this was fate, it headed in a lucky direction for me.

Friday, December 7, 2012

HEAVEN PV Short Version

Chubachi Akiko Official Blog
Behind the scenes of 'Tsuna Hiichatta!'

5th December 2012 14:21:53
Theme: Blog

Our leader Captain Chiaki (Mao-chan) and Saori (me)

Time: After everyone has taken their baths
Place: The usual dressing room
Dress code: What you wear to sleep
※ Girls only

One dressing room was cleared and we lined up cardboard boxes, laid on a tablecloth and started our hand-rolled sushi party.

On that day, the staff gave us a project. We wrote the name of our 'favourite male staff member' on paper and the voting produced a No.1 among raucous enthusiasm. Hahaha.

The movie 'Tsuna Hiichatta!' was on location for 40 days and even when filming had ended, everyone was together making a ruckus.

On our days off, we went a little further out to the sand baths of Beppu and to the onsen in Yufuin♪

The girls being together for an extended period of time, even when the director has given his OK, we would just stay put and continued chatting (*laugh*)

I was thinking that we managed to get along great in real life too (*^▽^*)

'Tsuna Hiichatta!' is doing well so we have the privilege of continuing with more promotional work ♥ Saori


Inoue Mao Official Blog
Shazai no Ousama

5th December 2012 13:40:18
Theme: Diary

To everyone who watched 'Tsuna Hiichatta!'!
Thank you very much.
I felt happy reading your warm responses and comments.

I think the power of the tug rope girls can still deliver smiles, spirit and courage to the whole of Japan.

I have an announcement to everyone who has always supported me.

I will be in the movie 'Shazai no Ousama'.
Kudou Kankurou x  Mizuta Nobuo x Abe Sadao-san
I'm so happy to be part of this strong team.
A comedy beyond your imagination! An intense world view.

There's still some time before it opens
but I can't wait for everyone to see it.

By the way, we're in the middle of filming now.
Some of you who watched the media blitz on Nippon TV the other day might have noticed it, my hair is black again and my fringe is even.

I'm sure Manager K-chan has taken a really nice photo so please wait a while.


Ranking of actresses with highest income 2012

Shukan Asahi Geinou had compiled the annual income of actresses a few years back. 4 years ago, Nakama Yukie topped the list with an estimated income of 150 million yen (US$1.82 million). Second was Shibasaki Kou with 140 million yen (US$1.7 million), along with Choi Ji Woo, Matsushima Nanako and Yonekura Ryoko. Kanno Miho and Nagasawa Masami were also in the 100 million list at 120 million yen (US$1.45 million).

Here is the current ranking of actresses with the highest annual income this year.

1. Ayase Haruka 
410 million yen (US$4.97 million)

2. Kuroki Meisa 
320 million yen (US$3.88 million)

3. Sasaki Nozomi 
310 million yen (US$3.76 million)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Earning power of actresses in dramas

Nikkan Gendai has released an updated ranking of the top-earning actresses in Japan. The list covers the estimated earning power of an actress for one episode of a one-hour drama and the potential viewer ratings she could garner.

Top-earning actresses
Name (Age)/Estimated fee per episode(円)/Potential viewership ratings(%)

1. Ayase Haruka (27) / 2.5 million (US$30,330) / 12.2

2. Yonekura Ryoko (37) / 2 million (US$ 24,262) / 11.5

3. Amami Yuki (45) / 2 million / 9.1

 4. Fukatsu Eri (39) / 2 million / 8.2

5. Koizumi Kyoko (46) / 2 million / 9.7

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Out 26th December 2012 

1. mister Coherent
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Ta_2
Arranged by Shimohata Rio Ryousuke

2. Catalrhythm
(TV anime 'Kuroko no Basuke' 2nd Ending Theme)
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by R・O・N
Arranged by  R・O・N

3. Know orange
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Sugimoto Yoshinori
Arranged by Yamamoto Yohske

(TV Asahi 'Break Out' December 2012 Opening Track)
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by INORAN
Arranged by INORAN

5. Achromatic habit
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Gz
Arranged by Gz

6. reject
(TV anime 'Mirai Nikki' Image song)
Lyrics by R・O・N
Composed by  R・O・N
Arranged by  R・O・N

7. Anocent
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by 刃流
Arranged by Takahashi Kouichiro

8. Elephant Over
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Ono Hiroaki

9. Cold hands
Lyrics by  R・O・N
Composed by R・O・N
Arranged by R・O・N

10. garden gate
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Kato Hajime
Arranged by Kato Hajime

11.  sleepy seaside hamlet
Lyrics by YORKE
Composed by Yamamoto Yohske
Arranged by Yamamoto Yohske

DVD (First-press only)
1. HEAVEN (Music video)
2. Making of "HEAVEN" Music Video

Friday, November 30, 2012

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2012
Name Search (Female)

A look back at 2012 as Yahoo! Japan releases the names of female celebrities and groups that users search for. Only the top 10 has the previous year's ranking indicated.

 1. AKB48 (1)

2. Maeda Atsuko (3)

 3. Oshima Yuko (5)

 4. Shoujo Jidai (2)

 5. Momoiro Clover Z (new)

6. Shinoda Mariko (6)
7. Rinka (8)
8. Sashihara Rino (20)
9. KARA (4)
10. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (new)

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2012
Name Search (Male)

A look back at 2012 as Yahoo! Japan releases the names of male celebrities and groups that users search for. Only the top 10 has the previous year's ranking indicated.

 1. Arashi (1)

 2. EXILE (4)

 3. Tohoshinki (2)

 4. Mr. Children (6)

 5. Kanjani 8 (10)

6. Kis-My-Ft2 (11)
7. Fukuyama Masaharu (7)
8. Jang Geun Suk (3)
10. Golden Bomber (new)

Yahoo! Japan Search Word Ranking 2012
Name Search

A look back at 2012 as Yahoo! Japan releases the names of celebrities and groups that users search for. Only the top 15 has the previous year's ranking indicated.

1. AKB48 (1)

 2. Arashi (2)

 3. Maeda Atsuko (4)

 4. Oshima Yuko (6)
5. Shoujo Jidai (3)

6. EXILE (11)
7. Tohoshinki (9)
8. Mr. Children (16)
9. Momoiro Clover Z (new)
10. Shinoda Mariko (7)
11. Rinka (12)
12. Sashihara Rino (new)
13. Kanjani 8 (28)
14. Kis-My-Ft2 (29)
15. KARA (5)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Horikita Maki Staff Diary
Kouhaku Poster Shoot

28th November 2012

The other day, we had the photo shoot for the Kouhaku poster!
There were some off-shots in TV magazines and such. She and the Arashi members had to climb a sphere about 2m high for the shoot!!
For the sitting shots, some protrusions were made so they wouldn't slip off but to touch up on make-up and do clothing adjustments, you could not get to Maki without climbing a step-ladder... (◎_◎;)
It was difficult on so many levels but it was a fun photo session~
Check it out when it's out♪

Inoue Mao Official Blog

28th November 2012 10:52:07
Theme: Staff Diary

Everyone, thanks for all your thoughts on 'Tsuna Hiichatta!'
For those of you who have not watched it, please do so★

The other day, Mao-san called and said,
"Soon, there will be another crank-in. Before things get busy, there's something I want to talk to you about..."
This doesn't happen often so as I stepped into the store, I wondered what she was going to say, my heart beating fast...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mizobata Junpei, Pride of Wakayama

By popular one loud demand, screencaps of Mizobata Junpei from Oshareism which aired on 28th October.

Fujiki Naohito sets foot in Junpei's hometown Koino in Hashimoto, Wakayama...

OLDCODEX reveals album title and jacket

The next album from OLDCODEX is titled 'CONTRAST SILVER' and will be released on 26th December. The song 'Heaven', produced by Inoran will be used as the opening track for TV Asahi's Break Out and the ending theme song of Ehime Asahi TV's Love Chu! Chu! in December. This will be their first release after RON quit the band in October, leaving members Ta_2 (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) and YORKE.

First Press Limited Edition

Regular Edition
Source 1|2

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kato Rosa, Hubby and Baby

Kato Rosa (27) who married footballer Matsui Daisuke (31) in June 2011 was recently spotted at an airport in Bulgaria. Her husband transferred from DFCO Dijon in France to Bulgarian club Slavia Sofia this September. With them was their son who was born in December last year.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Oita Premiere Event ①

3rd October 2012 09:28:45
Theme: Staff Diary

The other day we went to Oita for a premier event of 'Tsuna Hiichatta!'!!
The movie was aired ahead for everyone in Oita!!
First, we went to Kasuga Shrine to pray for the success of the movie.

It's been awhile since Mao-san met with her co-stars

They talked about what they have been up to lately.

And then finally a parade and talk show at the shopping district which kindly hosted our filming and regular shopping♪

The mascot 'Takamon' is really cute★

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Horikita Maki Staff Diary
Hot Pepper Beauty

5th September 2012

Right now, at train stations etc., all lined up side by side, are 4 different covers with Maki !!
Check them out!

Hot Pepper interview here. One of the things she talked about was how she gets rid of stress.

"If I feel like, today I have to let out some stress, I'll start chopping up ingredients (laugh). I'll feel refreshed and also get a good meal, killing two birds with one stone! That's why my chopping board at home is rather big. So that I don't get irritated with all the little bits that start flying around outside the board if it was too small (laugh)."

She also mentions how she likes to handle things on her own, like changing light bulbs and fixing wiring for the television. She always reads manuals for appliances as she likes knowing about the different functions. While she believes that she can do anything on on her own and prefers to be the one relied on, she also acknowledges that sometimes relying on someone else can be a cute factor for a girl. She jokingly says that she would want to be that girl but it might be difficult.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mizobata Junpei tours nationwide for stage play

On 4th September, Mizobata Junpei (23), Sasaki Kuranosuke (44) and Hira Mikijirou (78) attended the production announcement of stage play 'Konbanwa Tousan'. Written by Nagai Ai, the play is set in an abandoned factory. The three characters are all from different generations; the rapid economic growth of Japan, the bubble period and the present day.

The cast will perform in 15 locations all over Japan from 13th October to 2nd December, starting from Kirari Fujimi in Saitama, making stops in Aichi, Shiga, Nagano, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Niigata, Iwate, Osaka, and Kagawa with the last performance at Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center in Fukuoka.

Note to grumpy: In Shiga, he'll be performing at Biwako Hall. Yes, that's the one beside Lake Biwa!

Horikita Maki Staff Diary
New CM!!

30th August 2012

Today, she attended a CM product launch!
She is the new image character for Kracie Ichikami.
It will air from 1st September.
She'll be speaking French too.
It's a beautiful way of seeing the world, so please watch!
A cute boy will be there too (^O^)/

Product Launch

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Tokkan 14

29th August 2012 18:30:01
Theme: Staff Diary

Mao-san's long-cherished hope came true.
After filming ended the other day,
we had a barbecue on the rooftop!!

With the Collection Division and staff members,
it was time spent surrounded by food and alcohol♪

Mao-san looked like she was really enjoying herself.

Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the profile photo that Oriental Radio's Fujimori Shingo uses on Twitter. Mother and son onsen bonding.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ito Hideaki sweats over...

After strenuous scuba-diving training for Umizaru and skydiving for Coca-Cola, what would make Ito Hideaki break out in cold sweat? He was trending on Twitter a few minutes ago and it turned out he was on Fuji TV's variety program 'Tunnels no Minasan no Okage deshita'. He and table-tennis Olympic silver medalist Ishikawa Kasumi had a face off in the 'Kuwazugirai' corner where each chose 4 dishes beforehand, 3 favourites and one they dislike and the other has to figure out which one it is after seeing each other sample the food.

 Ito Hideaki flinches from his 3rd dish, kusaya.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog
Umeko and Umeko?!

20th August 2012

This is what Noriko-san gave in place for not being able to come to the marriage ceremony. Do they look alike? It's now used to decorate the hospital. Look for it!!