Friday, December 7, 2012

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Behind the scenes of 'Tsuna Hiichatta!'

5th December 2012 14:21:53
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Our leader Captain Chiaki (Mao-chan) and Saori (me)

Time: After everyone has taken their baths
Place: The usual dressing room
Dress code: What you wear to sleep
※ Girls only

One dressing room was cleared and we lined up cardboard boxes, laid on a tablecloth and started our hand-rolled sushi party.

On that day, the staff gave us a project. We wrote the name of our 'favourite male staff member' on paper and the voting produced a No.1 among raucous enthusiasm. Hahaha.

The movie 'Tsuna Hiichatta!' was on location for 40 days and even when filming had ended, everyone was together making a ruckus.

On our days off, we went a little further out to the sand baths of Beppu and to the onsen in Yufuin♪

The girls being together for an extended period of time, even when the director has given his OK, we would just stay put and continued chatting (*laugh*)

I was thinking that we managed to get along great in real life too (*^▽^*)

'Tsuna Hiichatta!' is doing well so we have the privilege of continuing with more promotional work ♥ Saori



  1. I am really happy to see reports like these. I'm glad that they trully enjoy filming together. Reading something like this makes me tear up. Mao-chan is not only working filming/ shooting but she trully connects with her co stars. She is working but also living, meeting great people and enjoying herself.

    I think that's also one reason why I feel connected to her works. She gives her best to make a great movie/drama but she still gives time to have fun.

  2. Its so nice to know that they get along really well.

    Now all I have left to do is watch her movie!

    (worked before but not now...trying to post my comment)

    lowlowtappz desu :D