Thursday, December 13, 2012

A short Q&A with Narimiya Hiroki

A short Q&A with Narimiya Hiroki with questions from a reader in Kumamoto.

Q. What do you do on your off days?
A. I often went out in the past but contrary to what I expected, I didn't have many good encounters so the time I spent at home has increased. I like black tea and I drink that. I buy it from specialist stores.

Q. What does the drama 'Aibou' mean to you?
A. A new step. It was my good fortune that it became a work I chanced upon as I turned 30. If this was fate, it headed in a lucky direction for me.

Q. What do you do for inspiration?
A. I buy flowers. I don't get the florist to pick them out, I do it myself. The hues of the flowers follow the rule of nature and the colour schemes are just right, so I style my wardrobe according to the colours of the flowers. I like peonies and lilies. There are many vases of flowers in my home, decorating the living room and elsewhere.


If Nari likes black tea, he would love teh tarik.


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