Friday, July 27, 2012

Sadako gets her own photobook

Horror fans who can't get enough of Sadako can get to see how she spends her day off in a special photobook 'Sadako's Holiday'. The 32-page spread only comes in the Sadako's Cursed Box version, limited to 4444 sets. This set contains the movie in 3D and 2D in Blu-Ray, 2D in DVD and includes making-of footage, a movie version music video of the theme song 'S' by SID and other extras. The Cursed Box set costs 6720 yen (US$86) and goes on sale 31st October. A Blu-ray 3D version with extras DVD cost 4935 yen (US$63) and the DVD version in both 3D and 2D retails at 3990 yen (US$51) .

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Goods

 Black T-shirt 3900 yen

 White T-shirt 3900 yen 

 Chocobo Plushie 2600 yen

Gintama Magnetic Bookmarker

Broccoli will start selling Gintama magnetic bookmarkers from 30th August 2012. They come in sets of 2, with 3 different character combinations of Sakata Gintoki & Katsura Kotarou, Hijikata Toushirou & Okita Sougo and Takasugi Shinsuke & Kamui. A set retails at 525 yen.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Current ranking of top-earning actresses

Nikkan Gendai has released a ranking of the top-earning actresses in Japan. The list covers the recent estimated earning of an actress for one episode of a drama and the potential viewer ratings she could garner. Matsushima Nanako topped the list with 2.5 million yen per episode (US$31700, SGD$40000). With plans to participate in only 2 dramas for Nippon TV next year, there are rumours that she might even command 4 million yen per episode.

Top-earning actresses
Name/Estimated fee per episode(円)/Potential viewership ratings(%)

 1. Matsushima Nanako 2.5 million (US$31700) 12.4%

 2. Ayase Haruka 2.2 million (US$28000) 12.1%

 3. Ueto Aya 2 million (US$25400) 11.9%

 4. Nagasawa Masami 2 million 9.7%

 5. Amami Yuki 2 million 8.9%

Thursday, July 19, 2012

11 years of FFX

"Today is the day that FF10 went on sale 11 years ago. Sure brings back memories. It was a really great production."
- Morita Masakazu (voice of Tidus)

NEWS - Chankapaana

On Ichiban Song SHOW 18th July 2012
Tegoshi and Shige on Ohayou Asahi Desu 19th July 2012

Full PV

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mizuki Nana on Nico Nico Live to promote 28th single

Mizuki Nana will be on Nico Nico Live on 25th July to promote her 28th single 'BRIGHT STREAM' which will be released on 1st August. The full PV for the new song will also be aired for the first time. This will be her first appearance in about a year on the live streaming program since last August when she was promoting her 25th single 'Junketsu Paradox'. The live streaming starts at 10pm on 'Mizuki Nana no niconico STREAM'.