Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matsuda Shota's Xylish CMs will make you fall for him all over again

The three short movies are based on Meiji's Xylish mints slogan 'Ii kiss o shiyou'. Taken from the woman's point of view, Matsuda Shota seduces you with three types of kisses; the hardboiled kiss, the secret kiss and the one night kiss.

In Hardboiled Kiss, he holds onto your hand as you run together into a warehouse and he apologizes for bringing you into the mess. In Secret Kiss, Shota plays a younger guy who suddenly pulls you into a closet, against your feeble protests. In One Night Kiss, the two of you are sitting in a cab and he plays it cool while you tearfully confess.

Hardboiled Kiss
Secret Kiss
One Night Kiss

Friday, August 22, 2014

Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun
Why the leaks now?

An industry insider comments on why after several years of a rumoured relationship, media outlets have only recently begun to report on them, with even photos being published.

"Inoue is playing the lead role in NHK Taiga drama Hana Moyu which starts next year. To avoid scandals while it is on-air, the marriage will have to wait for a year at the very least. Being the main breadwinner of the agency, they will not give her the green light so easily either. On the other side, Matsumoto is in Johnny's leading group, Arashi, and marriage is out of the question for the moment. A definitive photo that cannot be explained away though has already been taken by a weekly magazine and using that as a bargaining chip, it has led to to the situation now where to a certain extent the media is allowed to report some news. The two of them though are twisting this to their advantage. As the flow of information little by little becomes established fact, they hope to convince their respective agencies. When it comes to marriage, essentially doing it by force via a shotgun marriage is the most effective way. However the two of them are professionals and will not resort to that. The time for marriage will probably come as they watch the response from fans and the media."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This week in Shukan Bunshun :-
What does Inoue Mao like about Matsujun?

Shukan Bunshun (28 Aug 2014 issue) reports on a conversation that supposedly happened at a gathering among acquaintances, between Inoue Mao and an actress she looks up as an older sister.

Mao: At first I was actually closer to Ikuta-san.
Senpai: (Matsumoto and Ikuta) Both of them are good-looking, so how did you end up with the imakare?
Mao: *Blushing* Imakare... He was persistent.
Senpai: What do you like about him?
Mao: That he's smarter than me.

The film insider who recollected this conversation said that Matsujun's name was left out so as not to tip the other people around but Mao's amusing reaction to the term 'imakare' (イマカレ commonly used to mean a current boyfriend as opposed to motokare, an ex) was cute. The insider went on to mention that it was charming to find that Mao, who herself is sensible and intelligent, looking up to him. Then the topic of marriage came up, and the senpai, who is married, asked about Mao.

Senpai: You're not getting married?
Mao: I've been told by the people around me that I can play more roles precisely because I'm not, so it's better this way. But I think it's great that Yu-chan is having a baby. It sure is nice how she's getting on to have that mama look.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I want to look like him!
Top 20 most wanted male celebrity faces

Top 20 male celebrities people want to look like through plastic surgery, according to Takasu Clinic (for the period of April 2014 to July 2014).

1. hyde


 3. Miura Shohei


 5. Okada Junichi

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shukan Bunshun has a chat with Inoue Mao's mother

Shukan Bunshun has a chat with Inoue Mao's mother in its 14 Aug issue.

Reporter: Plans for marriage soon?
Mom : No. Anything to report? Not at all (*laughs*) She's filming for a Taiga drama and has to be in Kyushu for a long while.

Reporter: 2 years more to when she's supposed to be married, at 29 years old.
Mom : That would be ideal but I don't think she has thought that far yet. I'm not the one to decide this and that so I leave it up to her.

Reporter: Does Matsumoto-san drop by your house?
Mom: Of course not! That would be too obvious and there will be a big fuss (*laughs*)

In an interview in Shukan Bunshun's Genshoku Bishojo Zukan (29 Nov 2012 issue), Inoue Mao had said jokingly,"When I went to see fortune tellers in Hong Kong and the Masai tribe, both said I would get married when I'm 29. That can't be a coincidence so I think I will be at 29."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mizobata Junpei comments on romance rumours with Katase Nana

6th August 2014
To everyone who has given me your support

This time, my personal life has caused a fuss.

As is reported, Katase-san is my senior in the entertainment business. We bonded over discussions about work and have become close friends.

However, the foremost priority in my life now is work so this differs greatly with a part of the reported news.

From now on, I will still face work with passion and give my full concentration every day to being an actor.

I will persevere to be an actor who you can support no matter what.

Mizobata Junpei


According to Nikkan Sports, while both Katase Nana (32) and Mizobata Junpei (25) denied being romantically involved after they were photographed together last summer, they have started to open up about their relationship to the people around them this year. It has gotten serious enough that the topic of marriage has been discussed. Mizobata reportedly told a friend in March that he had always dated older women and that it seems he can't like anyone else. He also mentioned that he was currently dating someone quite a bit older than him. An industry insider claims that there is no doubt the two are dating and while it doesn't look like marriage is in the cards because of his young age, it might change if things continue as they are. Nikkan Sports also claims that while it is unclear when they had started dating seriously,  Katase has also revealed their relationship to her close friends and have talked about marriage and children.

Katase and Mizobata met on the set of '35-sai no Koukousei' early last year. They hit it off and even after filming ended, they were still meeting up. Josei Seven caught them on an izakaya date last July but both parties denied anything other than a senpai-kouhai relationship then. Reached for comment this time, Katase's agency gave a similar response as before, that they have been told he is one of her close friends.