Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mizobata Junpei comments on romance rumours with Katase Nana

6th August 2014
To everyone who has given me your support

This time, my personal life has caused a fuss.

As is reported, Katase-san is my senior in the entertainment business. We bonded over discussions about work and have become close friends.

However, the foremost priority in my life now is work so this differs greatly with a part of the reported news.

From now on, I will still face work with passion and give my full concentration every day to being an actor.

I will persevere to be an actor who you can support no matter what.

Mizobata Junpei


According to Nikkan Sports, while both Katase Nana (32) and Mizobata Junpei (25) denied being romantically involved after they were photographed together last summer, they have started to open up about their relationship to the people around them this year. It has gotten serious enough that the topic of marriage has been discussed. Mizobata reportedly told a friend in March that he had always dated older women and that it seems he can't like anyone else. He also mentioned that he was currently dating someone quite a bit older than him. An industry insider claims that there is no doubt the two are dating and while it doesn't look like marriage is in the cards because of his young age, it might change if things continue as they are. Nikkan Sports also claims that while it is unclear when they had started dating seriously,  Katase has also revealed their relationship to her close friends and have talked about marriage and children.

Katase and Mizobata met on the set of '35-sai no Koukousei' early last year. They hit it off and even after filming ended, they were still meeting up. Josei Seven caught them on an izakaya date last July but both parties denied anything other than a senpai-kouhai relationship then. Reached for comment this time, Katase's agency gave a similar response as before, that they have been told he is one of her close friends.

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