Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shukan Bunshun has a chat with Inoue Mao's mother

Shukan Bunshun has a chat with Inoue Mao's mother in its 14 Aug issue.

Reporter: Plans for marriage soon?
Mom : No. Anything to report? Not at all (*laughs*) She's filming for a Taiga drama and has to be in Kyushu for a long while.

Reporter: 2 years more to when she's supposed to be married, at 29 years old.
Mom : That would be ideal but I don't think she has thought that far yet. I'm not the one to decide this and that so I leave it up to her.

Reporter: Does Matsumoto-san drop by your house?
Mom: Of course not! That would be too obvious and there will be a big fuss (*laughs*)

In an interview in Shukan Bunshun's Genshoku Bishojo Zukan (29 Nov 2012 issue), Inoue Mao had said jokingly,"When I went to see fortune tellers in Hong Kong and the Masai tribe, both said I would get married when I'm 29. That can't be a coincidence so I think I will be at 29."


  1. Like Mother, like daughter. Their teasing laughs. Gambatte Mao-chan's family with the papz. Gambatte Mao-chan on your filming.

    I'll just relax and wait for the official announcement. Hehehe

  2. I'm reading this like after 4 years n Mao turned 31 this Jan and the fortune teller was wrong😢