Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Asahi Direct Shot

28th May 2012 22:27:00
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I've been chosen as the image character for Asahi Direct Shot.

For someone who loves alcohol like me, I'm extremely happy

It felt so good on Hawaii's Oahu Island, we had fun filming.

This Direct Shot is so stimulating and refreshing!!!!

It looks like this would be an indispensable drink in my fridge from now on ☺

Everyone, please try it at least once too

What is called the world's largest 'Mega Nomiguchi'! (nomiguchi - shape of mouth when drinking)


And now, an announcement☆
Tomorrow, Mao-san and Yamashita-san who stars in the CM with her will appear on VTR on news programs 'Mezamashi TV', 'Sukkiri' and 'PON!'
Please watch.

Yamashita-san and I are actually senpai and kouhai in university.
And we had a stimulating encounter
 at the university campus.

What on earth was it?
What did Inoue Mao do to leave Yamashita Tomohisa
 in a fluster during their encounter?
The correct answer is I kneed him from behind.
To just knee someone from behind out of the blue...
I approached him wondering
how to start a conversation.

His legs were there, so...


  1. HAHAHA. SO Mao-chan like. Doing unexpected things. It's so courageous of her to do that to Yamapi. In the campus nonetheless. But it did work coz it did break the ice. Connection again---Jun.

    By the way, they look so cute. I wish for them to star in a drama or movie together.

    But of course, only for project. Mao is still Jun's in real life.


  2. I doubt she really likes the beer. She just got paid to hawk the beer. She does CMs for Mizuho Bank too. I doubt she has beer in her fridge.

    I doubt we will ever know the real her because she's never in the tabloids, no scandals about her surface, or personal info such as boyfriends and such. So we can't get a glimpse of the real her, aside from the prescribed image she projects.

  3. Dear Joe,

    Well said. I doubt she has an account with Mizuho Bank, or even drinks Chocola BB.

    We will never know, reality eludes us.

  4. love her...seems like she's a little bit the same with her character in HanaDan

  5. Dear Joe, well said~ I love the "Mao" she protrays but i want to know more about her. I want to know her personal life like what she is doing in her off cam life~