Monday, May 14, 2012

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12th May 2012 09:12:46
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Everyone, good morning!
It was announced today
that I have been given the lead role
in Nippon TV's drama serial 'Tokkan'.

The director is the same one as in the movie we did together 'Tsuna Hiichatta'
Director Mizuta Nobuo.
"Let's meet again for another project," he said,
but I didn't think it would happen this quickly!
The script will be written by Izumi Yoshihiro-san
who had helped me out in 'Anmitsu Hime'.
I am very happy to work with people I have a connection to.

The co-stars and theme song still can't be revealed
but I have a feeling it will be interesting.

Truth to be told, I am unfamiliar with the theme of taxes
but I think if I learn together with everyone, and think it over, there will be progress.

Summer drama...
I have a feeling it will be rigorous
but I will build up my physical strength and do my best!


  1. Thanks for the translation. I am looking forward to this drama. Mao has been announcing one work after another in the last month. It's a feast for me as I have been missing her terribly since Kouhaku. Can't believe it's already more than a year since Ohisama started.

    Gambatte Mao-chan.


  2. thank you so much for sharing! as Maofan said same here.. I'm looking forward for this drama, even though I'm busy with work I'll definitely find time to watch the drama :)