Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cola, milk and whiskey

Kirin has released a carbonated drink, Mets Cola that contains indigestible dextrin and claims it reduces the absorption of fat as you eat. It is a first ever cola drink designated under health food. It went on sale 24th April and a 480ml bottle costs 150 yen.

Don't worry, Kumamon on a milk carton doesn't mean he has gone missing. He's selling fresh Kumamoto milk, from Kumamoto cows reared with love by Kumamoto dairy farmers. A 1000ml pack costs 240 yen. It started selling on 1st April in the Kyushu area.

Suntory released 35-year-old Hibiki Whiskey in bottles made by a living Japanese National Treasure, the fourteenth Sakaida Kakiemon, on 21st March. Only 150 bottles were available and they're probably all gone now, so you can keep your 1 million yen and spend it somewhere else. Yes, it's a million yen each.

Kumamon Number 1!

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