Friday, May 4, 2012

Suzumura Kenichi sets up own agency

Seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi, who left his talent agency Arts Vision in April, has set up his own talent management agency INTENTION. There were rumours that he would be joining AXLONE, but it seems Suzumura has bigger ambitions than that.
The official website for his new agency opened on 1st May with introductions by Suzumura and his long-time manager, Kuwahara Atsushi. Both will serve as joint acting directors of INTENTION. Suzumura writes that approaching the 18th year of his work, he is delighted to challenge himself to something new. As for the meaning behind the name, he states that everything the agency does, will be done with precise intention. 

At the moment, only Suzumura himself is listed under the talent profile. The company is located in Shibuya and was established on 8 May 2009. It will manage and promote talents, artistes and authors, casts for television and radio programs and plan events.

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