Monday, May 14, 2012

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13th May 2012 19:00:07
Theme: Staff Diary

Some of you already know this
but she will appear on the cover of 'Shonen Magazine' this year too!!!!

The location this time, here.
This amazing, vast landscape

What! This is Las Vegas ♫♪

We were blessed with beautiful weather, perfect magazine weather
The suspected man who brings rain with him ☔, Kodansha's M-san
looked very relieved (^▽^;)

Shukan Shonen Magazine will go on sale on 16th May!
Look forward to it...

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Shukan Shonen Magazine 20655-05/30 2012

1 comment:

  1. ahh, this totally reminds me of HYDF. I wonder if she was the one who chooses the location for photoshoot.

    Last summer, she went to Hongkong also for quick getaway. She must be missing HYD too.

    I have been marathoning HYD series for a nth time.

    I wish there will be another movie/drama so I can see Maotsujun again on screen. Really really miss them.