Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ashida Mana's new "Chick" CM

Popular child actress Ashida Mana (7) is the CM character for Nissin Foods' 'Chicken Ramen' new CM. Wearing a chick costume, she sells Chicken Ramen pushing a cart. "It was fun pushing the cute cart," she said with smile. The CM airs nationwide from the 26th onwards.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog

23rd January 2012

Making an appearance on 'Shabekuri 007'!
It's an honour to be the first guest for this variety show this year (^O^)/
The last time was about 2 years ago, while promoting 'DareKiss'. Unbelievable how quickly time has passed …(T_T)

Thank you to those who have watched 'Always Sunset on Third Street 64' over the weekend. Those who have yet to watch it, do look forward to it. Invite those close to you, and head to the cinemas ♪

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog

20th January 2012

In the morning, appearances on 'ZIP!' and 'Sukkiri'.
Teri-san likes Third Street too, so it's exciting.
After this, she'll be on 'PON!', 'Hirunandesu' and 'every'.

It's snowing today, it's going to be cold. Today after watching TV, or tomorrow onwards, please head for the cinemas o(^▽^)o

Sakuraba Nanami faces difficulty as a Seiyuu

On the 21st, actress Sakuraba Nanami (19) attended the opening day stage greetings for the anime movie '.hack Sekai no Mukou ni' at Tokyo's Theatre Shinjuku. She takes on the lead role as the voice of the main character. Even though it is her second time working as  a voice actress, she made more NGs than first time voice actors Matsuzaka Tori (23) and Tanaka Kei (27). She revealed, "It's difficult to match my voice with the character's mouth movements during recording. In the next role, I hope to get one where the character isn't human and has no mouth."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Kouhaku Outfit 2

19th January 2012 12:02:36
Theme: Staff Diary

2nd outfit, a white one-piece.

The silhouette was so beautiful we decided on the first one we saw when we were choosing the the outfit!! The Kids Corner was on right after the kimono, so something cute would be right but Mao-san really liked it too.

For the hair, the updo was brought down and braided sideways. The time between the outfit change from the kimono to the one-piece, including moving from one place to another, was only 7 minutes!! The moment she got offstage, it was a continuous dash all the way.

 One-piece: Bluegirl

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Darvish Yu and Saeko divorce

Pitcher Darvish Yu (25), who has just signed on with Rangers for a six year, $60 million contract is officially divorced from talento Saeko (25). On the 19th, they posted a joint statement on their respective blogs. Saeko will take custody of their two boys, aged three and two. According to some reports, Darvish will not pay any compensation money but will provide 'reasonable' child-support expenses that will be determined by the court. They got married in November 2007.

Source 1 | Source 2

Double Down lands in Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan will start selling its new item 'Chicken Fillet Double' (also known as Double Down in US) on 2nd February. Two pieces of chicken breast meat will be used in place of buns. Stuffed between them will be a slice of Gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon and mayonnaise. It costs 450円 by itself and 500円 with an M size drink set. For those lucky enough to be in Tokyo now, KFC Ikebukuro Sunshine Doori is giving away this masterpiece for free on 20th January from 10am to the first 100 customers. All you have to do is flash them this coupon.

KFC has also appointed Tamura Atsushi of London Boots as its temporary marketing manager on Twitter to spread the delicious news.

Oguri Shun wants to be that kimono guy

On 18th January, Oguri Shun attended a promotional event for the movie 'Kitsutsuki to Ame' in a kimono. The only one striding confidently onto the stage dressed in traditional wear, he remarked,"It's a new year, so I thought I'd try a change of mood too. I want to be the type of guy that people will say 'That fella is always doing stage greets in a kimono'. But since just now, everyone has been calling me Young Master. Looks like I got a little carried away all by myself. I feel a little embarrassed."

The audience got to ask the cast for advice in the 'Life Matters Discussion Corner'. A girl asked,"How do I find a love that when I think of him, tears would start to flow?" Oguri stalled and was thinking of an answer when cast member Yakusho Kouji chipped in,"You should just find an awful guy then." The audience laughed as Oguri agreed,"How do you find one? I guess that's right. Go find that awful guy." Other cast members in attendance were Furutachi Kanji, Ibu Masatou and director Okita Shuichi. Kitsutsuki to Ame opens nationwide on 11th February.

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Kouhaku Outfit 1

18th January 2012 15:50:07
Theme: Staff Diary

Everyone, sorry for the long wait.
I'd like to introduce the different outfits she changed into during Kouhaku!!

First, the kimono she wore at the opening.
It's a beautiful long-sleeved kimono.

Mao-san loves the kimono and she has attended a class on how to put them on before.
In particular, she loves the antiques. She likes the old-fashion ambiance.
It seems she came across this kimono in Kyoto.

She had hair extensions for the updo.
The handmade hairpin was made to order to match the kimono.

Kimono: Long-sleeved antique kimono bought in Kyoto (Her own)
Obi, obi sash, obi string: Bushoan
Zori (sandals): Bushoan
Neckpiece: Akai Hana antique Ichinokura
Hairpin: Studio Maya (Made to order)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is Sawajiri Erika already living with her new man?

The edition of gossip magazine 'Josei Jishin' which goes on sale 17th January claims that Sawajiri Erika is living together with her new man. At the end of last year, the magazine caught Sawajiri on a date with A-san at Yokohama's Chinatown. On 11th January, the day after news broke of Sawajiri's starring role in 'Helter Skelter', Josei Jishin caught up with A-san directly in the neighbourhood near his apartment. "She's a friend. I don't want to cause any trouble so I shouldn't say anything.... I'm really sorry," he replied, before getting into a cab. Two hours later, Sawajiri appeared from his apartment in her usual flashy style, clad in a white fur stole and furry purple boots. Of course A-san has not returned home yet at the time. In other words, Sawajiri spent the night after the big announcement with A-san at his apartment and after he left, had keys of her own to lock up the place. According to industry insiders, Sawajiri is already currently living with him and with things going well work-wise and in the romance department, she's already picking herself up at her own pace.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Konbini Pick-up

What's new in konbinis

こだわりおむすび いくら醤油漬け 
Kodawari Omusubi Ikura Shouyuzuke

What: Rice ball with salmon roe seasoned with soy sauce and sake
Wallet: 170円
When: From 13 January 2012
Where: 7-Eleven

Toshiburi Takuan

What: Sugar-cured pickled daikon radish
Wallet: 190円
When: From 11 January 2012
Where: 7-Eleven

Funwari Tamago no Tenshinhan

What: Crab omelet on rice
Wallet: 430円
When: From 10 January 2012
Where: 7-Eleven

Ghana Fuyu no Torokeru Chocolate Cake

What: Chocolate sponge cake with mousse
Wallet: 280円
Waistline: 391kcal
When: From 19 January 2012
Where: Circle K, Sunkus

Inoue Mao Official Blog

14th January 2012 10:07:10
Theme: Staff Diary

Everyone, thanks for all your messages.
Sorry for not posting an update.
About Mao-san, she's doing fine so please don't worry.
Next week, I plan to upload photos like what she wore at Kouhaku and so on.
The days are getting colder so take care not to catch a cold.