Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sakuraba Nanami faces difficulty as a Seiyuu

On the 21st, actress Sakuraba Nanami (19) attended the opening day stage greetings for the anime movie '.hack Sekai no Mukou ni' at Tokyo's Theatre Shinjuku. She takes on the lead role as the voice of the main character. Even though it is her second time working as  a voice actress, she made more NGs than first time voice actors Matsuzaka Tori (23) and Tanaka Kei (27). She revealed, "It's difficult to match my voice with the character's mouth movements during recording. In the next role, I hope to get one where the character isn't human and has no mouth."

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  1. Matsuzaka has about 1 year of experience in voice acting for Shinkenger(for when his character is in-suit), though live action is probably a little different from animation...