Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Kouhaku Outfit 1

18th January 2012 15:50:07
Theme: Staff Diary

Everyone, sorry for the long wait.
I'd like to introduce the different outfits she changed into during Kouhaku!!

First, the kimono she wore at the opening.
It's a beautiful long-sleeved kimono.

Mao-san loves the kimono and she has attended a class on how to put them on before.
In particular, she loves the antiques. She likes the old-fashion ambiance.
It seems she came across this kimono in Kyoto.

She had hair extensions for the updo.
The handmade hairpin was made to order to match the kimono.

Kimono: Long-sleeved antique kimono bought in Kyoto (Her own)
Obi, obi sash, obi string: Bushoan
Zori (sandals): Bushoan
Neckpiece: Akai Hana antique Ichinokura
Hairpin: Studio Maya (Made to order)

The kimono is her own? Wonder how much it costs.

Looked for the HYDF kimono shot after the comment by anon. Can't remember if she said anything about it back then? Need to browse through all the magazine articles still in the dusty basket I bring down every June 28.


  1. I'm really so glad that you are translating Mao-chan's blog/staff diary.

    Now onto this Kimono. Isn't this same with the one she wore in HYDF? So she owns this? I also wonder how much this cost because it is classic antique, right?

    . Hope for more update on her blog.

    1. You're right! No wonder it looks so damned familiar. What does this mean!? Wearing the same kimono she wore in HYDF to be onstage with Jun again? (´ε`*)