Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Kouhaku Outfit 2

19th January 2012 12:02:36
Theme: Staff Diary

2nd outfit, a white one-piece.

The silhouette was so beautiful we decided on the first one we saw when we were choosing the the outfit!! The Kids Corner was on right after the kimono, so something cute would be right but Mao-san really liked it too.

For the hair, the updo was brought down and braided sideways. The time between the outfit change from the kimono to the one-piece, including moving from one place to another, was only 7 minutes!! The moment she got offstage, it was a continuous dash all the way.

 One-piece: Bluegirl

Necklace: Van Cleef & Arpels

Shoes: Christian Lacroix

You couldn't see it on tv but during 'Marumaru Morimori', Hinako-chan was enthusiastically dancing beside Mao-san all the way. It was so, so cute, so adorable... I wish everyone could have seen it!

Bracelet: Bijouterie PetitNuit 
Hair Accessory: acca


  1. Love this dress. Looks so cute on Mao-chan.

  2. Hinako-chan and Mao-chan looks so cute. Her dress matched well with the children's section.

    Add: How did you know Hinako was dancing alongside Mao-chan? I would really love to see it. Is there a snippet of it?

    1. That's what Mao's manager wrote. I think she meant it wasn't picked up by TV cameras.