Monday, May 27, 2013

Yamapi, Karina and Toda Erika in love triangle for Getsu 9 drama 'Summer Nude'

Yamashita Tomohisa will take on the lead role in Fuji TV's Monday 9pm slot again this July with 'Summer Nude'. It has been 3 years since 'Code Blue' and this also marks his 4th lead role in a Getsu 9 drama (Proposal Daisakusen, Buzzer Beat, Code Blue Season 2). Karina and Toda Erika play his love interests in this love triangle.

28-year-old Mikuriya Asahi (Yamashita) runs a small photography studio in a seaside town. He once harboured dreams of being a famous photographer but now spends his days taking photos of the town's weddings and school events. One day, he runs into Chiyohara Natsuki (Karina), a chef working in a famous Italian restaurant in Tokyo. She was getting dumped by the man she was about to marry and Mikuriya catches the moment with his camera. She later ends up working at a beach house run by one of Mikuriya's senpai. Despite the bad start, Mikuriya and Chiyohara soon bond over their similar circumstances as he had also been left by his girlfriend. Toda Erika plays Mikuriya's kouhai, Taniyama Hanae, a close friend since their high school days. She had always been in love with him but he could not forget the girlfriend who had left him without giving him any reason. With Chiyohara now in the picture, what would she do?

The actress playing the role of Mikuriya's ex-girlfriend will be announced at a later date. Filming is expected to begin in early June at a seaside location where the cast will spend extended overnight stays during the duration of filming.

Update 12th June:
 Nagasawa Masami will play the part of the ex-girlfriend.



  1. ExGF: Horikita Maki!

    1. Omg I would totally love this! This will definitely make the drama more awesome and interesting XDD

    2. totally agree XD!!!!

  2. a love triangle with Yamapi, Erika ande Karina?! Whoot can't wait for this one.