Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday catches Inoue Mao on a late night date with Matsujun

After the stage greet of her movie 'Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken', Inoue Mao went back to her home in a quiet residential area in Tokyo where she lives with her parents. Three hours later, at about half past 10, Inoue Mao, clad in a hat, mask and glasses left again. Looking about around her, she got into a taxi. A few minutes later, she got off. It seems like she had abruptly received a call. Maybe she was looking for her destination, but as she looked at her phone, she was walking this way and that. She finally ended up at an exclusive yakiniku restaurant that came with private rooms. It was close to time for last orders, but she went in without hesitation. There was a reason for her to be vigilant although she was out late at night with hardly anyone around and this was because it was none other than Matsumoto Jun that was waiting for her inside.

At 2 am, it was two hours past closing time and the entrance was already locked for the night. The lights were already switched off. From the exit used by staff, out came Inoue Mao. Beckoned by an employee who was keeping a lookout, she got into a taxi by herself and headed home.

Five minutes later, out came Matsujun in sunglasses. With him was Ikuta Toma. Likewise, they got into a taxi and headed to residential areas.