Monday, February 17, 2014

Yuji marries on Valentine's Day

Actor and model Yuji (26) is a married man, and soon to be a father of two. He registered his marriage on Valentine's Day. His wife, a non-celebrity older than him, has a son from a previous marriage. She is expecting and their baby is due in June.

From his blog:-

I, Yuji, married a a non-celebrity older than me who I have been dating for awhile. We have always loved children and now we are blessed with a new life. She is already a mother of one. For me, I will in one go be a father of two. I am still inexperienced but from now on I will work hard to be a father the children can boast about. Please watch over us warmly.

17 February 2014

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His daughter was born on 20th May.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inoue Mao Staff Diary

28th January 2014 (Tuesday)

Happy 2014.
Sorry for the late greeting.
Please give me your support this year as well.

The cold days are still continuing, how are you holding up?
I turned 27 on 9th January.
It's not quite yet to being in my thirties, and I would like to climb the mountains before my eyes one at a time without hurry, enjoying the different scenery.

And then on 17th January,
my princess turned 7.

She loves playing with toys but recently all she does is sleep.
Hug and me are both not young anymore I guess.
What Hug really loves recently is the cibi-nu bed that a friend gave as a present.
It feels so comfortable, I can't help sleeping on it with her.