Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Asahi Direct Shot

28th May 2012 22:27:00
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I've been chosen as the image character for Asahi Direct Shot.

For someone who loves alcohol like me, I'm extremely happy

It felt so good on Hawaii's Oahu Island, we had fun filming.

This Direct Shot is so stimulating and refreshing!!!!

It looks like this would be an indispensable drink in my fridge from now on ☺

Everyone, please try it at least once too

What is called the world's largest 'Mega Nomiguchi'! (nomiguchi - shape of mouth when drinking)


And now, an announcement☆
Tomorrow, Mao-san and Yamashita-san who stars in the CM with her will appear on VTR on news programs 'Mezamashi TV', 'Sukkiri' and 'PON!'
Please watch.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog
Today too

20th May 2012

Isn't the weather great? 〜(^-^)/
Yesterday was kinda hot...

Today we're on location for a magazine photoshoot! With the sunshine, it definitely feels like summer's near, quite exciting ♪
The greenery is also beautiful.

Everyone, are you heading out too?!

Tomorrow, about 7.30, will be the solar eclipse. Then at 8 o'clock, go straight to your TV!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tokkan on 'Zoom in Saturday'

A little blurb on Inoue Mao's summer drama 'Tokkan' on 'Zoom in Saturday' (12th May)

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Shonen Magazine

13th May 2012 19:00:07
Theme: Staff Diary

Some of you already know this
but she will appear on the cover of 'Shonen Magazine' this year too!!!!

The location this time, here.
This amazing, vast landscape

What! This is Las Vegas ♫♪

We were blessed with beautiful weather, perfect magazine weather
The suspected man who brings rain with him ☔, Kodansha's M-san
looked very relieved (^▽^;)

Shukan Shonen Magazine will go on sale on 16th May!
Look forward to it...

Buy from YesAsia:
Shukan Shonen Magazine 20655-05/30 2012

Inoue Mao Official Blog
Summer Drama

12th May 2012 09:12:46
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Everyone, good morning!
It was announced today
that I have been given the lead role
in Nippon TV's drama serial 'Tokkan'.

The director is the same one as in the movie we did together 'Tsuna Hiichatta'
Director Mizuta Nobuo.
"Let's meet again for another project," he said,
but I didn't think it would happen this quickly!
The script will be written by Izumi Yoshihiro-san
who had helped me out in 'Anmitsu Hime'.
I am very happy to work with people I have a connection to.

The co-stars and theme song still can't be revealed
but I have a feeling it will be interesting.

Truth to be told, I am unfamiliar with the theme of taxes
but I think if I learn together with everyone, and think it over, there will be progress.

Summer drama...
I have a feeling it will be rigorous
but I will build up my physical strength and do my best!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog
Leo Palace PR

Recently, she made an appearance for Leo Palace!
The hairstyle differs, but the outfit is the same one from the CM♪ Many outfits were worn for the CM, but the final one is the most popular, so it's chosen for this day〜(^-^)/
The CM begins airing from the 15th onwards. This time, it's with Harisenbon-san. In the CM, changing wallpapers and curtains are possible through 'Room Customization'.
Look forward to it ☆

Friday, May 4, 2012

Suzumura Kenichi sets up own agency

Seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi, who left his talent agency Arts Vision in April, has set up his own talent management agency INTENTION. There were rumours that he would be joining AXLONE, but it seems Suzumura has bigger ambitions than that.
The official website for his new agency opened on 1st May with introductions by Suzumura and his long-time manager, Kuwahara Atsushi. Both will serve as joint acting directors of INTENTION. Suzumura writes that approaching the 18th year of his work, he is delighted to challenge himself to something new. As for the meaning behind the name, he states that everything the agency does, will be done with precise intention. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Horikita Maki Official Blog
Nikkei Entertainment

3rd May 2012

Now on sale, Nikkei Entertainment! She's featured in the Interview segment.
She wears a green dress in the photo~
The cameraman is someone she's worked with for a photoshoot in Germany (calendar), Kobayashi Baku-san. Baku-san has great talent for drawing out wonderful facial expressions (^O^)/ She always feels relaxed working with him.
They also spoke at length about 'Ume-chan Sensei'. Do check it out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preview of Inoue Mao's Kagayaku Onna

Acting since she was 5 years old, Inoue Mao has reached a critical juncture, her 20th year in the profession. It was her wish to visit Africa and so she left for a 10 day journey. Her aim was to be a simple person.

She first encountered Tingatinga, a pop art that depicts animals in bright, vivid colours. In junior high, Inoue was in the Art Club and did oil painting. Here, she took lessons from a pro and at the end of the trip, she drew freely of the memories and experiences of her journey. She also visited a Masai elementary school, located at an elevation of 2400m and played soccer with them.

Horikita Maki Official Blog
Golden Week

1st May 2012

Everyone, how are you doing??
Maki is doing her best for Ume-chan!

The photo was taken to commemorate the Ume-chan train when it was heading towards Shinagawa Station.

I think it's yet another day with great weather to be out and about... sorry that I'm repeating what I said in the previous post.

Kaname Jun has 7 fingers?!

7 fingers is trending on Twitter Japan trends now.

It turned out to be about a photo tweeted by Kaname Jun, which shows him playing the guitar in a camper.

 Take a closer look at his left hand.

He was asked about it. "It looks like you have 7 fingers on your left hand, it's just my imagination right..."

And he replied,"Uwaa!! What the heck is this!! Spooky!!"

Cola, milk and whiskey

Kirin has released a carbonated drink, Mets Cola that contains indigestible dextrin and claims it reduces the absorption of fat as you eat. It is a first ever cola drink designated under health food. It went on sale 24th April and a 480ml bottle costs 150 yen.

Don't worry, Kumamon on a milk carton doesn't mean he has gone missing. He's selling fresh Kumamoto milk, from Kumamoto cows reared with love by Kumamoto dairy farmers. A 1000ml pack costs 240 yen. It started selling on 1st April in the Kyushu area.