Monday, August 19, 2013

And here is the cover of the hotly anticipated Shukan Josei!

...   ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ
There's no mention anywhere of the word 'marriage'. The only mention of Arashi is how the 5 trees in Hokkaido where they filmed their JAL CM has become a tourist attraction.

And in the fuller table of contents, still zilch, nada, zero.
A week of nervous anticipation and nothing... or maybe the almighty Johnny got the entire thing scrubbed clean after all.


  1. This issue surely could be dropped by JE to avoid confusion between some insane hardcore Jun fans...

  2. "insane" is an understatement with all the extreme tinhatting on Jun + XX that went around the last week, I should say. it was amusing for a while until it became crazy.

  3. What do you mean "insane"? and hating on Jun? I would have expected many hating on Mao. I should really learn Japanese. I was a bit relieved not to see too many harsh comment in international english sites.

    So what has been going on with the Japanese fans? Care to explain a wee more please...

    1. "Insane", in this case, means that some female hardcore Jun fans thinks that Jun is only theirs and he isn't allowed to marry any girl except for them... It's a "insane" brainwash coming from JE to fantasize those poor minds (of those fans) that Jun is pure just to make a huge amount money by the cost of his success. Obviously when a news like "Jun is marrying somebody" is shown, all the hate will be discharged on that person (Mao).

    2. But sincerely, I didn't see too many hate on Mao, because there are too many acceptance from Jun's fans that in fact Mao and Jun is close, and there are really too many Jun fans that ships him with Mao, but JE is obrigated to make some retaliation in their relationship because of those very few insane hardcore fans.

    3. Those very few female insane hardcore fans (especially from Japan) spents a considerably huge amount of money purchasing Arashi products, so JE doesn't want to lose this customers because of a scandal, ok?

  4. insane hardcore Jun fans, insane shippers, insane tinhatting. they're all insane, I should say.

  5. Again, she has a makeup artist boyfriend (see my comment in the previous blogpost under this one). Lucky SOB. Unless...they broke up?

    Thing is she's never in the tabloids. So we never get a real glimpse into her life. Then when things come out that might start "something," they get deleted.

    I think she liked Jun back when they filmed HYD, but he didn't reciprocate.