Monday, April 9, 2012

Inoue Mao Official Blog

9th April 2012 16:31:40
Theme: Hug Diary

I love sakura.

This year too, I couldn't help myself...

I ate it.

She did take a cute photo but
I couldn't help myself...

I ate it!
I got scolded
by the boss.


  1. Ahahha. I find this funny. This is Hug-chan's blog ha. I so wish Hug-chan will reveal her bosse's love life in her next blog. Ahh, maybe I can possess Hug-chan's body for sometime so I can stalk Mao and Jun.

  2. This is so entertaining. I was already gigling reading the google translation. Now with this translation, I laughed more. Thanks Unleah. Anon, I was thinking same thing when I read this blog. I wish Hug-chan will reveal some secrets of her boss's love life.

    Now I wonder what these works Manager K has mentioned. I can't wait.


  3. haha.. this is so cute and funny! honestly, this is the first time I saw Mao-chan's pet dog.. hug-chan is really cute!!
    thanks unleash for sharing :)