Monday, April 30, 2012

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Theater Staff Film Festival

26th April 2012 17:31:39
Theme: Staff Diary

Received the Leading Actress Award at the Theater Staff Film Festival.
The audience at the award ceremony cheered her on warmly.

Taking a photo with the trophy as a keepsake.
At the venue, she was interviewed and asked questions by theater staff.
Mao-san commented,"This is something new!"

And at the hall she also received bouquets, letters and presents!!!!
She was surprised seeing the names of those she always get fan letters from
Thank you very much for always supporting her.

Mao-san was also very happy.

From now on, never forgetting our gratitude, we will continue to work hard.

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  1. Omedetou Mao-chan!!
    The roses are so beautiful but of course Mao-chan is more beautiful than the roses! ^_^