Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ichihara Hayato has a new girlfriend

In the issue that goes on sale today, tabloid Josei Seven reveals a new love for actor Ichihara Hayato (25). When the hit drama ROOKIES was on air, Ichihara had openly declared his relationship with A-san, his junior high sweetheart but it looks like that romance has fizzled.

Ichihara with ex-girlfriend
According to someone who knows A-san, the relationship had ended about a year ago. After 11 years, it seems that Ichihara had begun to see her more as family than a girlfriend and the break-up was initiated by him. The friend also said that the break-up had made A-san feel betrayed. A-san's mother said that she does not know the details but she had heard that the relationship was over.

Ichihara's new girlfriend is Mukouyama Shiho (26), an exclusive model for fashion magazine EDGE STYLE. Josei Seven published photos of Ichihara in sunglasses with the slim blonde beside him shopping together in mid-April. After shopping, they got into a car to head back with Ichihara in the driver's seat. At a red light, Mukouyama was seen snuggling close to Ichihara and giving him a kiss.

There have been other sightings of the couple. In late February, they were seen entering a private room in a seafood restaurant. Later on 1st March, they posted photos of the meal on their own blogs.

A fashion insider reveals,"In the first place, Shiho-chan is a big fan of Ichihara Hayato-kun. She had even listed his name under favourite male celebrity in her blog profile. They got to know each other at a mutual friend's birthday celebration last summer. He was just someone she admired initially but around autumn, they became closer when she worked as an image character for a jewellery brand that Ichihara-kun was collaborating on. It seems like they then started dating from the beginning of this year."

When Daily Sports Online contacted his agency they replied that he is an adult and his personal affairs are his own. Mukouyama's agency commented that they had been informed of their relationship.

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Both Ichihara and Mukouyama announced their marriage to the press on 23rd September. They registered their marriage on 21st September.

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  1. Oh yea the poor JHS sweetheart got betrayed bigtime. Its just another case of the guy (or girl) getting famous and dumping their non-celebrity love interest in favor of a celeb love interest. Traitor.

    She shows class not to reveal stuff about him. After eleven years, she probably knows a lot.