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Japan Trip Winter 2011
Day 3: Kumamoto Number 1!

Day 3: 14 December 2011

Kumamoto's mascot
Before we tell you why we love Kumamoto, let's be more systematic and go back to Yakushima.

Security check at Yakushima Airport

Goodbye Yakushima!

We had breakfast at Kagoshima Airport.

Even the menu was interesting...

Zaru soba, ¥725

Tempura udon, ¥798

Fishcakes, ¥399
From Kagoshima Airport, we took a bus to Kagoshima Chuo Station.

¥1200 per ticket, 55 min bus ride
Bus comes every 20 mins
At Kagoshima Chuo Station, we got our Japan Rail Passes.
Info on Japan Rail Pass here.
We bought the 3-week pass (¥57,700) - a very good deal since you can hop on and off bullet trains and reserve seats for free as many times as you like. You can also walk in and out of stations freely, which can be good shortcuts.
[For Singaporeans: We bought them at JTB@Ion (basement)]

Shinkansen: Kagoshima Chuo to JR Kumamoto (JR Pass, 50 min)

Kumamoto Station
Check-in: Toyoko Inn Kumamoto Ekimae
Reserved online, pay when you check in.
unleash loved Kumamoto because of the free coffee at this Toyoko Inn.
View from our room
2-day tram pass: ¥800
Took a walk along shops

What kind of food do they sell here?!
This bear is everywhere!
Free dinner at Toyoko Inn Kumamoto Ekimae!

 Second reason we loved Kumamoto - free dinner!

~End of Day 3~

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