Monday, March 26, 2012

Kuroki Meisa attends launch of 'SMARTPET'

On 26th March, Kuroki Meisa (23) attended the product launch of Bandai's SMARTPET, a pet robot used in conjunction with the iPhone and iPod touch. She took the opportunity to announce her marriage to Akanishi Jin (27). The chairman started off the event by congratulating her on her marriage. With a smile, she replied,"The unexpected announcement caused much worry and trouble but I got married on 2nd February. Thank you very much." When the press asked her if she was getting along well with him, she said yes. Asked about her physical condition, she replied she was fine but made no comments about her reported pregnancy. There was no sign of a wedding ring on her left hand.

The SMARTPET costs 6480yen and goes on sale on 28th April. The CM which features Kuroki and her new song 'FRENEMY' will air nationwide from 27th March.

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SMARTPET website

 Illustration by Iwashima Chiaki


  1. Really??! She married Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN?! Not a bad pairing unlike the other recent one >.<

    1. Jen, you know that Jin already left KAT-TUN right? heh