Saturday, March 24, 2012

Japan Trip Winter 2011
Day 4: Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji Koen

Day 4: 15 December 2011

Free breakfast at Toyoko Inn
Destination: Kumamoto Castle (0830 - 1700 / ¥500)
Tram it: JR Kumamoto  → Kumamoto-mae Tram Stop (10min / used 2-day tram pass)

We spent about 3 hours at Kumamoto Castle, 10am - 1pm. It was a pleasant walk, not overcrowded with tourists.

Destination: Suizenji Koen (0830 - 1700 / ¥400)
Tram it: Kumamoto-mae Tram Stop → Suizenji Koen Tram Stop, or
Train it: JR Kumamoto  → Shin-Suizenji (JR Hohi line), then walk for 10min

 Before entering the Garden, we had lunch...

Renkon, ¥700
A specialty for this area. I didn't like this at all, it's like loaded with wasabi! So unleash finished em all.

Tamago udon, ¥600

Unagi set, ¥1700

Walking in this garden was so zen! I felt like rolling down those perfectly manicured grass.

~End of Day 4~

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