Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Bleach Anime Final Episode

27th March 2012

The animation that has lasted for 8 years,
reached its final episode today...!!
Somehow, I can feel the flow of time...

Captain of the 10th Division, Hitsugaya Toshirou,
everyone connected to this work,
and all the fans who have supported us...
I give my thanks from my heart...

Thank you very much...

This was what it was like after the final recording session

Why among everyone wearing masks, is Tachikifuchama not having one on...


Behind Fuchama is like a halo of ghosts!!

Hi-san (Ukitake), Konikoni (Hisagi/Keigo) and Jun (Yumichika)!
Fuchama (Kenpachi) is smiling

In the midst of the all the noise,
are these relatively quiet 3

Yocchin (Shishigawara), OnoD (Tsukishima) and Akio-san (Kyouraku)!!

Here too, an adult atmosphere?

Kenbo (Renji), Touchi-san (Ginjo) and Mikishin-san (Urahara)

The girls group
Fumi (Rukia), Hitomi (Nanao) and me (Toshirou)

And also...

Who you might call the father that brought this to life!!

With Kubo Sensei...!!!


I don't really know how to say it,
Nothing but...

Thank you very much!!!

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