Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ito Hideaki to marry a non-celebrity

Ito Hideaki (39) is getting married tomorrow. He will register his marriage to a 31-year-old non-celebrity on 24th October, the date of her parent's wedding anniversary. In a signed statement to the media via his agency on 22nd October, he describes her as a former company employee not in the entertainment industry who he has been dating for a while.

In August, there were rumours of Ito's imminent marriage to a divorced former model with a child, someone he had known for 6 years. According to his agency, she is not the one he is marrying but declines to reveal more as she is a non-celebrity.

According to other sources, Ito met A-san, a former flight attendant, in June this year at a mutual friend's wedding reception and it was love at first sight. He met her parents to discuss marriage around summer. She is not expecting and there are no plans for a wedding ceremony or reception.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations~!!! Have a blissful married life! :)

  2. When will there be another post?

  3. When will there be another post?