Sunday, September 7, 2014

Did Oguri Shun cheat on a heavily pregnant Yamada Yu?

It was about 10 o'clock at night, a few hours after appearing on stage to promote the 'Lupin the Third' movie. In front of a bistro, Oguri Shun, appearing a little drowsy, was surrounded by about 10 women as he bowed his head, looking like he was saying his thanks. Leaving the ladies behind, he joined Kasahara Hideyuki (31), an actor from the same agency as him, and they took a taxi together. The taxi headed towards the city center and stopped at a high-end hotel. After withdrawing some money from an ATM at a konbini in the hotel, Oguri stood at the corner of the lobby, his cap low over his eyes.

After Kasahara finished checking-in, the two of them headed straight to the elevator. 30 minutes later, two women stepped out from a white sedan, entered the hotel, stepped into the elevator and stopped on the same floor as Oguri and Kasahara did.

An hour later, the two women came down to the lobby and then climbed in to the back seat of the same white sedan. The driver then appeared to hand something over to them. 10 minutes later, Oguri and Kasahara appeared at the lobby. In total, they had spent about 90 minutes at the hotel. Oguri then walked home.

From 19 September issue of FRIDAY.


If Shun is doing what FRIDAY is implying, I feel for Yamada Yu who is due any day now. What's worse, Kasahara knows her and goes along with it. Maybe they were just taking a breather after all the drinking and Shun wants to go home sober? ( •́ㅿ•̀ )


  1. News like this is ridiculous. Things everyone needs to consider: this story is sensationalized to sell the magazine, we know nothing about that hotel- there could have been a bar or restaurant on that floor (explains why he took out money), and would he really be so stupid to go there after he knew the paparazzi were following him? The answer is no. I don't need to white knight Oguri Shun. I don't even care that much. I'm just really sick of the fucking paparazzi.

  2. Strange coincidences ...
    Last year, when Oguri didn't have much visibility because he worked on movie coming out this year, there wasn't news of betrayal.
    This year, in which he has a lot of works to promote and he is often under the spotlight, comes out the same old story of betrayal.
    People are not stupid, people notice when the news are forced or built!
    And the paparazzi never ever have a true evidence to show that they tell the truth.