Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Message from Shun

An important notice to everyone who has always given me support

On this occassion, I, Oguri Shun, will get married to Yamada Yu-san whom I have been seeing for a while.

From the moment we started dating, we had marriage in mind.
We hold each other in respect and she is a wonderful partner to have as we both grow in maturity. I had always felt that we would come to this day.

From now on, we will support each other and if anything should happen, we will get over it together and I hope to build us a warm home.

To everyone who has supported us to this day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you would watch over me as always with love, I couldn't ask for more.
Thank you.

13th March 2012
Oguri Shun


  1. The love is gone, GONE!

  2. What..."Watch over us warmly?" Ughh...He could've picked a better life partner, but Yamada Yu?! Really? That's just so wrong. I'd prefer it if he ended up with someone like Kitagawa Keiko or something...

    Yamapi and MatsuJun better not be this disappointing!