Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Japan Academy Award

3rd March 2012 10:39:08
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I received the Best Actress Award at the Japan Academy Awards.

I'm so surprised, my jet-lag was completely blown away.
It feels like an award too good for me.

But I wasn't only feeling joy.
I remember tensing up under the weight of the trophy.

'Youkame no Semi' won 10 awards.
Surprise and delight just followed one after another.

I have days of sorrow, hesitation and worry and as an actress, I am still inexperienced but this has given me confidence, made me see possibilities and hope.

Once again, I am glad to have been able to participate in this work.

Above all, what makes me the happiest is seeing the people around me rejoice like the happiness was their own.

Eiko-rin who was crying with happiness.
Hikari who from far away was praying fervently.
And Kazuko-san, who said,"I was praying for you! I'm so happy!"
What wonderful people I have met.
Time and again, I felt this.

Now I'm beginning to slowly feel it sink in.
It's been a while and the staff and cast will meet again for the celebration.

Mi-chan has grown up into a young lady.
Wow, she made her speech in English.

The beloved scriptwriter, Okudera-san.
Director Narushima who took on this difficult project.
To be able to drink delicious sake with everyone were blessed times.

This award will not make me complacent.
From now on, I will work hard to grow even further!

To the fans who supported 'Youkame no Semi',
thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. What a message. I'm so touched I'm crying right now. Truly a remarkable day for a remarkable lady I love.

    Congratulations Mao-chan. I really hope and pray for more success in the future. Gambatte!

  2. Mao is the best. She deserved it.

  3. she really deserved it! i'm so proud of her :D