Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matsuda Shota's Xylish CMs will make you fall for him all over again

The three short movies are based on Meiji's Xylish mints slogan 'Ii kiss o shiyou'. Taken from the woman's point of view, Matsuda Shota seduces you with three types of kisses; the hardboiled kiss, the secret kiss and the one night kiss.

In Hardboiled Kiss, he holds onto your hand as you run together into a warehouse and he apologizes for bringing you into the mess. In Secret Kiss, Shota plays a younger guy who suddenly pulls you into a closet, against your feeble protests. In One Night Kiss, the two of you are sitting in a cab and he plays it cool while you tearfully confess.

Hardboiled Kiss
Secret Kiss
One Night Kiss

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