Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ito Hideaki sweats over...

After strenuous scuba-diving training for Umizaru and skydiving for Coca-Cola, what would make Ito Hideaki break out in cold sweat? He was trending on Twitter a few minutes ago and it turned out he was on Fuji TV's variety program 'Tunnels no Minasan no Okage deshita'. He and table-tennis Olympic silver medalist Ishikawa Kasumi had a face off in the 'Kuwazugirai' corner where each chose 4 dishes beforehand, 3 favourites and one they dislike and the other has to figure out which one it is after seeing each other sample the food.

 Ito Hideaki flinches from his 3rd dish, kusaya.

 Ishikawa Kasumi's 1st dish, namakosu, sea cucumber served with vinegar.

Watching Ishikawa eating Peking Duck.

In the end, it was an easy victory for Ishikawa, who guessed the kusaya as his Achilles' heel. And the penalty for his loss? He was made to eat more of it.

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