Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ito Hideaki plays Sky Football for Coca-Cola

Actor Ito Hideaki joined a team of professional skydivers to play football 3600m above the ground for a new Coca-Cola Zero commercial, 'Wild Sky Football'. Filming took place in California at the end of July.

Ito, who had to scuba-dive in the series 'Umizaru' talked about the similarities to this new challenge. "The feeling of suspension in both activities is very similar. And of course both are sports with a certain amount of danger, so they're similar in that way too. I think getting used to skydiving is a little more scary than scuba-diving but that makes it even more enjoyable."

To commemorate the 5th year since its introduction, Coca Cola Zero has also made changes to its packaging. The CM started airing on 15th August.

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