Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mizushima Hiro returns to acting as the Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis

Mizushima Hiro (28) is making his comeback as an actor after a 3 year absence. He will play the demonic butler Sebastian Michaelis in the live-action movie adaptation of Toboso Yana's manga 'Kuroshitsuji' (Black Butler). The enigmatic Sebastian serves Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of a noble family, bound to him by a contract. The movie adaptation is an original story set about 130 years after the manga.

Mizushima's last acting role was in the movie 'Beck' which opened in September 2010. He commented,"I do feel a little surprised about my decision to go back to acting but I came across this great piece of work and up to this moment, it's the one that has moved me..."

Kuroshitsuji's producer Matsuhashi Shinzo (MW, Paradise Kiss) said,"No one but Mizushima Hiro can play this role." He approached Mizushima one and a half years ago, got him to read the original material and met him multiple times to persuade him into taking it up. Since then, Mizushima has also contributed to writing the script for the movie. "Unlike most actors, he has been included right from the preparation stage and has also given ideas for the script," commented Matsuhashi. He hopes to style the movie in the vein of the Sherlock Holmes series, full of mystery and suspense. He promises plenty of action too and Mizushima is currently undergoing training in preparation for the crank-in.

Filming will begin in April and the movie is slated to open within the year.

Voice actor of Sebastian Michaelis in its anime adaptation,
Ono Daisuke.

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