Monday, March 11, 2013

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Japan Academy Award Ceremony

10th March 2013 17:45:33
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Being a host at the Japan Academy Award

So that I would not show any disrespect to the award winners, I have been staying at home a lot since the beginning of the year, studying the nominated films, interview articles and such.

The nervousness I felt during the actual ceremony was different from last year, but being in such a luxurious hall once again filled me with emotion. I was a clumsy host but thank you for all the support from those in the hall and in front of the television! I want to express my gratitude again to everyone involved in the Japan Academy Award for letting me have such a precious experience.

I don't know how many years, or tens of years it will take but I will do my best so that I can stand in that same place again(^^)



  1. Thank you for translating! Mao-chan looks so elegant :)

  2. Thanks for this. Love how dedicated she is to study the nominations and such.

    I read in Bakusai a discussion that since Mao stayed home most of the time, Jun must be happy to come home from filming his movie. I can really picture it.

    It also gives me wild imagination on what could be a sequel for Hyd. Although, knowing Domyouji, it will be unpredictable. Or not. I miss Hanadan. I wish they will make a sequel, focusing on Makino adjusting to Domyogi family life and marriage life and being a parent to a Domyougi.

    Ahh, I could only imagine.