Monday, October 21, 2013

The alleged Maotsujun couple ring.

This surfaced sometime back but I had time to look it up a little more today.

Might be similar rings. Looks like a ring from the Boucheron Bridal Collection.

There is a Japanese Boucheron website as well, and it costs  ¥143,850 (US$1466). In its description - 明るい輝きで永遠の愛を祝福するリングです。 Akarui kagayaki de eien no ai o shukufuku suru ringu desu. A ring that celebrates eternal love with its radiance.

Maybe Shukan Josei had this in mind when they allegedly had the scoop of a super popular idol getting married.

By the way, the first episode of Hana Yori Dango aired 8 years ago today, 21st October 2005  ( •ᴗ•)


  1. omg kamisama let this be true!

    1. I HOPE IT`s TRUE I WISH <3 So LIKE JUN-MAO forever.