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Kouhaku Outfit 4

20th January 2012 09:39:41
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Thank you for the many entries submitted when we requested for a Kouhaku Outfit Design.

Everyone's entries were carefully looked over.
I was given the privilege of choosing from so many entries but on the day itself, because of time constraints, I could only give a short introduction so once again...

The design I chose.
Actually, I didn't have the confidence to wear something so cute
The message that came with the design,
"The sakura is the symbol of Japan. I hope for the warmth of spring to arrive soon and for us to feel the spirit of revival."
A powerful, touching message.

Personally, the sakura is one of my favourite flowers.
On stage, there were so many sakura, and to be wearing something inlaid with it is happiness.

So, I wore the dress.
When I heard Yuming-san singing '(Minna no) Haru yo, Koi' I wished for the arrival of spring from the bottom of my heart.

The painstaking effort to reproduce the detailed design was completed just in time before the big day by designer Noda Akira-san.
He has worked on costumes for many popular artistes but for this project, it was a collaboration.

For the one who thought up the design, Sonoda-san, designer Noda-san and all the staff members, all of you have my gratitude.
Thank you very much.

Dress: NHK Public Appeal Design
Designer: Sonoda Mai
Production: Noda Akira

Shoes: taccetti

The design submitted by Sonoda Mai

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  1. Until now, I strill can't erase the scene where Mao, wearing this dress standing next to Jun. Soooo sute. They were like in the middle of their engagement party. hihihi.