Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Kouhaku Outfit 3

19th January 2012 19:15:01
Theme: Staff Diary

The 3rd outfit was a beige pink sequin dress.
It was a simple design but entirely sequined, so on stage it looked all sparkly. Beautiful!!

She changed into this outfit before the 'Ashita wo Utao 1' Corner!
As Akikawa Masafumi-san and Natsukawa Rimi-san sang 'Asu To Iu Hi Ga', videos and photos of Mao-san visiting a baby born on 11 March were shown on the background.

The theme for this corner was 'Hope'!!
The outfit was filled with hope that tomorrow would sparkle.
For the hairdo, the braids were undone!!

Dress: Philosophy

Shoes: Christian Dior

Bracelet: Erickson Beamon

Hair Accessory: Tina & Jill

Actually, after this, only the hairstyle was changed!!
The hair extensions were taken out and the hair done half up.

The comment on the next outfit, the pink sakura one will be from Mao-san.

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