Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Kouhaku Outfit 5

21st January 2012 09:03:59
Theme: Staff Diary

The last one is a red dress.

Keita Maruyama-san designed this just for Mao-san!!
Stylist Onu-san and Keita-san discussed on the perfect silhouette for Mao-san.
It's really cute. Even the bracelet was hand-made.

The completed outfit had such a beautiful silhouette, it's gorgeous.
Keita-san and all the staff, thank you very much!

Dress: Keita Maruyama

Bracelet: Keita Maruyama
Hair Accessory:  Gap International
Shoes: Sergio Rossi

This dress was the last one she changed into, when Tendo Yoshimi-san appeared onstage.

Since it was the last change, the president and I watched her from the back of the hall.
My tears couldn't stop flowing looking at Mao-san on stage with the rest of the artistes singing so passionately at the ending.

Fighting for time during the outfit and hairstyle change was really a challenge but with 'Team Mao'; make-up artist Kikuji-san, stylist Onu-san and fitter Odagiri Sensei, we were able to complete everything without a hitch.

From the design submitted by Sonoda-san after the public appeal, the sakura dress created by Noda-san and the red dress made by Keita-san, Kouhaku will be memories cherished for a lifetime.

Once again, to everyone who gave their support during Kouhaku, thank you very much!!


  1. wow.. nice dress and it really suits Mao-chan, thanks for sharing :)

    btw, hi unleash and grumpy! still remember me? hehe.. i miss checking your blog on a daily basis, i was not able to visit the blog, i think for almost a year because my lappy got broke last year and just bought a new one last week.. well of course I'm unable to watch Kohaku :(

    1. Hey ayenoliveros :) Welcome back!

      I've also finally got a new pc that I can actually shut down without worrying about it not powering up the next day (^_^;)

      So have you watched it now?

    2. hi unleash..
      sorry for the very late reply, been busy with work, need to catch up to pass my monthly scorecard.. hehe..

      I haven't watched it yet, I'm still looking for a small size that I can download because some of the release are on HD. I'm using a notebook and it might give up in the middle if I will download HD video.. hehe, but I'll definitely watch it! ^_^