Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top selling products from ranKing ranQueen for first half of 2012

ranKing ranQueen has released a list of its top-selling products for the first half of 2012. The chain sells the top-ranked products in about 300 different categories ranging from cosmetics, foodstuff, sweets and beverage to daily necessities.

ranKing ranQueen's overall ranking for first half of 2012

 1. Market O Real Brownie 126円

 2. LULULUN Face Mask 1,575円

3. Hada wo Uruosu Hoshitsu Cleansing by Matsuyama Yushi 1,260円

 4. Tomato by Kyoritsu Foods 158円

 5. Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Pure Black Mascara 1,575円

 6. Fuwarinka Soft Candy Fruity Rose Flavour 113円

 7. Shigekix Ninja Meshi Macho Grape Flavour 105円

 8. Muchimuchi Kinako 126円

 9. Maple Syrup Walnuts 198円

10. Crystal Geyser 500ml 100円


Grumpy just brought back the Lululun mask from her trip. You open the pack and the 42 masks are stacked together. They're pretty thin. Only used 2 so far so can't really say if it's doing anything. I think it's selling well because of the relatively cheap price. The Fiberwig, really love this one. I have them in all the different coloured tubes and versions. Must have about 10 of them lying around, some still unopened. What I want to know is if there's a pudding category...

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